You’ll find Nye at these events


Past Events

22 JANUARY 2012

First Fictions Festival

Myriad Editions and the University of Sussex are joining forces to programme an exciting series of events designed to celebrate and champion first novels, past and present. I’ll be giving a talk at the First Fictions Festival in Brighton on January 22nd. The talk is part of a Life-Writing workshop and is entitled “Just Because it Happened Doesn’t Make It Interesting: How to Prevent Autobiography from becoming Auto-BORE-ography.” I’ll be presenting with fellow Myriad Edition Authors Sue Eckstein and Nicola Streeten.


26-29 JANUARY 2012

Angoulême Festival de la BD

If you’ve ever been to Comic Con in the US, but wanted to know what it would be like if it was solely dedicated to comics (as opposed to comic movies, video games and merchandise) and wondered what it would all sound like in French, then you need to go to the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée.


16 FEBRUARY 2012

“Made on a Mac” Apple Store, Regent Street

I’ll be talking about the making of “Trailer Park…” at the Apple Store, Regent Street talking about how it was made on everything from a 2001 G3 iBook to a 2011 MacMini. I will be in conversation with Paul Gravett, renowned comics journalist, scholar and historian, founder of the Comica Festival and editor of 1001 Comics to Read Before You Die.  The conversation begins at 7pm.

After that, we’ll head round the corner to the Phoenix Pub on Cavendish Square for a celebratory drink, to purchase a copy of the book, and if you fancy sullied title pages, I’ll be signingcopies of “Trailer Park….” as February 16th is the official publication date!


17 FEBRUARY 2012

Book Launch & Signing at Orbital Comics

I’ll be giving a talk on the perks and perils of Graphic Memoir followed by a book signing in lovely Orbital Comics. It’s another great London shop with a tremendous catalogue of stuff to choose from and a wonderful gallery.


14 APRIL 2012

Booksigning at Dave’s Comics, Brighton

When I looked into moving down to Brighton three years ago, finding Dave’s down in the Lanes was the thing that sealed the deal. Catering equally to people hungry for the latest cutting edge indie comix work and to people looking to get their next monthly super-powered Marvel or DC update, it is an awesome store. I’ll be signing at talking at Dave’s on Saturday, April 14th from 1-3. Come say hello.


27 APRIL 2012

Graphic Medicine at Work

I’ll be speaking at Brighton and Sussex Medical School along with fellow cartoonists Nicola Streeten (author of “Billy, Me and You” and fellow Myriad Editions author) and Dr. Muna al Jawad (author of “Old Person Whisperer”). The three of us will reflect on how comics and graphic memoirs can be a vehicle to illustrate issues around health, illness, life, death and clinical practice . The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.


12-13 MAY 2012

Bristol Comic Expo

I’ll be holding down the fort at a table again this year at the lovely Bristol Comic Expo. It’s a great show with a wonderful mix of exhibitors, artists and fans. And it returns to its roots this year at Brunel’s Old Station Passenger Shed just next to the Bristol Railway Station.


19-20 MAY 2012

Kapow Comic-Con

Just one weekend after Bristol, London brings a little bit of San Diego to the shores of the Thames in the second iteration of its wildly popular Comic Convention. Last year was great as there was an eclectic mix of world famous comics luminaries, and wonderful indie up and comers.


21 MAY 2012

Laydeez do Comics

I’ll be speaking at the May gathering of Laydeez Do Comics along with Laika graphic novelist Nick Abadzis, author and English Professor Nancy Newman, and anthropologist, author and artist Deena Newman. The Laydeez events have been selected by Stylist Magazine as one of the 10 best Literary Events in London. Come by and check out it. It’s in The Sewing Room at the Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ.


18 AUGUST 2012

Sun Valley Writers’ Conference

I’ll be speaking this summer at the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. This is exciting as it is in my hometown, is a stone’s throw from my old high school and is a conference that I volunteered to drive authors around at over a decade ago. Other writers in attendance: Tom Brokaw, Walter Isaacson, among others. As this will be the first time a graphic novelist is in attendance, I’ll do a bit of a primer on comics and graphic novels for those new to the form and talk about “…Trailer Park…”.


23 AUGUST 2012

Edinburgh Book Festival

I’ll be sitting in conversation at the Edinburgh Book Festival with Scottish crime writing dynamo Denise Mina. The author of 9 crime novels and a year long stint scripting John Constantine: Hellblazer. But most recently in the world of comics, she’s been adapting Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy for the graphic novel. I’m really looking forward to chatting with her. If you’re there, come check it out!

24 AUGUST 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

While at the Bookfest, Nicola Streeten and I will be speaking at Word Power Books! Come along and check it out if you’re in Edinburgh for the Bookfest, the FringeFest or anything else in this amazing Scottish city!


10 NOVEMBER 2012

Comica Comiket

The irrepressible Peter Stanbury and Paul Gravett are hosting a second Comica Comiket in 2012. I’ll be sitting at the Myriad Editions table as one of their ever growing stable of graphic novelists. I’ll also be taking part in the Drawing Parade; live projected drawing that happens every half hour all day long during the event. I’ll be appearing on the same stage with such comics luminaries as Alison BechdelBryan TalbotWarren Pleece and Rian Hughes.


12-18 NOVEMBER 2012

Thought Bubble Festival

A lot has changed this year, including the name of the Convention Centre where this year’s Thought Bubble will take place. Previously called Savile’s Hall, it’s now just going to be the place where a bunch of people get together and talk comics. I’ll be there with 2000 AD scribe Tom Eglington and ink-wielding master, Andy Pearson.


19 APRIL 2013

Comica Festival Spring Comiket

I’ll be doing my part at the Myriad Editions table at Comica Festival’s always fun Comiket. The autumn one was a lot of fun, the spring one should be even better. There are talks, live drawing events, and creators everywhere.


23 APRIL 2013

World Book Night

As part of World Book Night, I’ll be sat in conversation with Nina de la Mer, author of 4 a.m. We’ll be discussing the pleasures and perils of different kinds of narrative voices and exploration. We’ll be talking about some of our favourite “difficult” books and the risks and rewards of stepping into the unknown.


15 MAY 2013

Brighton Festival

I’ll be sat in conversation with fellow Myriad Author, Woodrow Phoenix, and Brighton cartoon stalwarts, Hannah Berry and Tim Pilcher. We’ll be discussing when a comic is no longer a comic, and what makes a graphic novel.


from 16 FEBRUARY 2012

Bookplate Edition from Gosh Comics

Gosh Comics in London have partnered with Myriad Editions to produce an exclusive Book Plate Edition of “Trailer Park…”. It’s available in store or they’ll ship where ever you like in the world (postage and all that is a separate, albeit nominal £5). Only available at GoshLondon.



Shoreham Wordfest

I’ll be teaching a workshop on making comics with fellow Myriad Editions author and graphic novelist Hannah Eaton on Saturday the 28th. If you are working on a comic or graphic novel yourself or are just curious about the nature of the form, come along.


2 OCTOBER 2013

Brighton: The Graphic Novel Launch

Queenspark Books will be celebrating the publication of the historical anthology comic about Brighton. I contributed the art to a 14 page century spanning tale about the occult, hangings and the lost river of Brighton (written by David Bramwell).


5-6 OCTOBER 2013

London Film & Comic Con

Fellow Myriad Editions authors Darry Cunningham – author of the critically acclaimed Science Tales – and Hannah Eaton author of Naming Monsters – and I will be holding down the fort at the London Film and Comic Con. You could meet us AND get an autographed photo of Billie Piper! What’s not to like?

I’ll also be taking part in a panel on Saturday the 5th about the creation of “Brighton: The Graphic Novel” for Queenspark Books.


18-20 OCTOBER 2013

Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Even if I weren’t going as a creator, I’d be heading up to Kendall for this inaugural comic art festival. The organisers are hoping to create an Angouleme style comics festival in England. I’ll be participating in a couple of events. First up is “This is My Life: The Art of Memoir”, a panel with fellow graphic memoirists Katie GreenAl DavisonNicola Streeten and Mary Talbot. Then I’ll be taking part in a Pecha Kucha-like Quick Strips event with a whole host of fellow Myriad Editions authors. Come up for the Kendall Mints, Lakes and some comics. You can’t lose!


26 OCTOBER 2013

Transitions Comics Symposium

As part of the semi-annual Comica Festival, I’ll be taking part in the one day Transitions Comics Symposium. I’ll be presenting a paper on “Anarchy, Combinatorial Schizophrenia & Comics: the Foundations of a 21st Century Language of Creativity.” Tell me that title doesn’t give you flushed cheeks and funny feeling in your belly. Come along and see the fireworks!


22-24 NOVEMBER2013

Thoughtbubble Festival, Leeds

I’ll be heading up to Leeds for the third year in a row to one of the best Comics Shows around. I’ll be there with a host of Myriad Editions authors and cartoonist and writer friends and colleagues Tom Eglington and Andy Pearson.


16 JANUARY 2014

City Lit Talk

I’ll be giving a talk at City Lit in London in January. The organisers have a variety of artists and creators come along to talk about their work and their practice and I’m honoured to be one of the people they’ve asked along.


22 January 2014

Northumbria University Talk

I’ll be giving a talk to students and faculty of the University of Northumbria’s English department in their Faculty of the Arts.


15-16 March 2014

London Super Comic Con

This was a great show last year and is a worthy contender to fill the gap left by the Kapow Comic Con a couple of years ago. Come along and say hello if you’re in the Docklands in London that weekend.


10 April 2014

Bloomsbury C21 Writings Conference

The University of Brighton and its Centre for the Study of 21st Century Writings is hosting a conference on 21st literature. I’ll be speaking on a panel along with fellow Myriad Editions author, Hannah Eaton, Myriad creative director, Corinne Pearlman, Comics Journalist, Alex Fitch among others. We’ll be speaking about New Ways of Seeing through Graphic Story Telling.


12 April 2014

First Fictions Conference

Myriad Editions is hosting the second iteration of its First Fictions Conference. I’m honoured to be speaking on a panel about New Forms of Writing. I’ll be on panel alongside a stellar cast: Nina de la MerNatasha Soobramanien, and Ros Barber.


24 May 2014

Graphic Brighton

As part of a University of Brighton celebration of the comics work being done in Brighton by local artists and writers, I’ll be speaking on a panel about “Why Brighton? Comics and the Brighton Community?” at 10 am and presenting my work in a lecture at 11 am. The day looks to be very exciting with some comics luminaries in attendance including V for Vendetta co-creator David Lloyd, Watchmen colourist John HigginsHannah BerryChris Riddell among many more. Come along.


1-2 May 2015

Graphic Brighton: Drawing in the Margins

Graphic Brighton returns to the University of Brighton for a second year. This time, the conference will focus on how comics addresses the Margins: marginalised people, places and themes and how comics is traditionally viewed in an of itself as a marginalised medium. I was also honoured to draw the poster for the event.

First, I will be compering an evening of Quick Strips presentations by a cohort of exciting current comics creators on May 1st. Artists speaking include Gareth BrookesKate EvansNicola StreetenIan WilliamsHannah EatonJoe DecieFraser GeesinDan Locke, Danny Noble and Wallis Eates. It will be a great night.

Then on May 2nd, I’ll be sat in conversation with the cartoonist Ilya talking about how we’ve addressed marginalised characters in our own work.


29 May 2015

Place-based Arts Symposium

I’ll be speaking on a panel with other Myriad editions authors who like to root their work in particular places and the effects those places have on the stories they tell. I’ll be speaking along side Robert Dickinson among others. Looking forward to it.


16-18 October 2015

Lakes Comic Art Festival

Looking forward to returning to this exceptional new festival in its third year.


14-15 November 2015

Thought Bubble Festival

This show gets better and better every year. Looking forward to returning in 2015.